Heirloom Birth

Healthy Pregnancy and Healthy Baby


Doula care can look like a lot of things, but its good to know what your doula can offer you when you choose her to be part of your birthing support team. If you choose to work with Heirloom birth this is what our partnership would look like. 


  • free Hour long consultation 
  • Two visits. We discuss your birth plan, review labor education materials, talk about comfort measures, labor rehearsal, and partner roles. 
  • Looking ahead to Postpartum: help with plan development.
  • Each visit includes a garden-fresh Veggie box!


  • Physical and emotional support and comfort provided throughout labor
  • Advocacy and empowerment in any environment
  • Support for partner involvement at their comfort level


  • Two visits to continue support after your birthing experience
  • Breastfeeding and lactation counseling
  • Access to infant care information, and local resources
  • Garden-fresh, seasonal vegetables at each postpartum visit! 

Additional Information

  • I am always available to my client families via phone/text/email.
  • Formal "on-Call" period extends from 37-42 weeks
  • 10% fee reduction if paid in full at first visit